Term's & Condition's - Sex Toy Testing

Every week we choose new sex toys and accessories for our clients to test and review. We ask you to give a non-biased, honest review in exchange for enjoying factory pricing, receiving free gifts and becoming an official My Sex Shop Product Tester which includes many awesome benefits. To apply, fill in the quick and easy form here.

Tester or Demo Products come in various sizes and forms of packing - when you purchase a tester from us, we ask you to kindly review and rate the product and there by share your experience and help us in informing and guiding all our customers. The quality of the products themselves are not affected at all and are the same as the ones in retail packaging. Buying tester/demo products is a great way to buy quality products at discounted prices!

FAQs on Tester/Demo Products

- Is it the same product?

Yes absolutely, without the tester or demonstration products manufacturers and retail outlets cannot promote their products, therefore it is 100% guaranteed that they are the same product and of the same quality.

- How do I know that they have not been opened and are unused?

The product is sealed at our warehouse and is checked to ensure they are sealed and unused before shipping.

- Why do testers come in a brown/white box or simple plastic packaging and without a user manual?

That is the cheapest packaging to use, the product is not meant to be sold, hence the generic packaging, the text indicating the product as a demo or tester and no user manual.

- Can I buy tester/demo products from My Sex Shop?

Yes, we have the biggest tester/demo product collection in Africa, often you will have saved up to 50% of the same product in a retail packaging.

- What is the difference?

No difference in the product, however, cost effective packaging and maybe no user manual

 - Is it legal to buy and sell tester/demo products?

Yes, provided that the seller informs the buyer that it is a tester/demo product and the product is sold as such