Ultimate play

Sex is the ultimate play in any relationship. It is a spark of desire that keeps the love rekindled, but often we see that many men face performance issues during the full night of sex and often get tired before the ultimate climax. MySexShop is here to help you with some of the most unique products to enhance sexual performance. 

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Ultimate Ironman Kit

How about a thundering bull performance enhancement elixir to make you thunder on the sex night? MySexShop presents the ultimate Ironman Ass Gasm enhancement kit. It is a set of some of the finest toys and enhancers on the market. 

The kit includes an Ass Gasm butt plug for that all-night anal fun. Enhance the sexual experience with stimulation of anal walls, and have that everlasting erection with thunder bull performance enhancer in the kit. This fantastic set of sexy toys comes with iron horse poppers to enhance your anal sex experience. 

Poppers are liquid enhancers that help you get horny or lower the inhibitions to create stronger orgasms. They help relax the sphincter or anal muscles that help make anal sex more fun. 

Superset from Superball

Have that amazing orgasm with superball cockrings that help enhance the sensations on a vagina or anal wall. The rush poppers ensure a relaxed ass to get fantastic sex with Cockring making it feel like heaven. 

Create erotic arousal with vanilla-flavored body oil massage on your partner’s curves, and on the top, have that superior anal sex experience with Silver Large Diamond Butt Plug. The superball kit has got it all to have a full night of sexual and erotic fun.

MySexShop offers the best of sexual enhancing kits and toys that make every session more satisfying. Choose from a wide range of products at attractive prices across AShouth Africa with discreet shipping.