Sqweel - Lovehoney Sqweel

With Sqweel you do not need a partner to experience delicious sexy oral sex. As the first Sqweel oral sex simulator saw the light of day, it immediately became a huge hit with women all over the world and won numerous awards to provide a seductive cheeky experience reminiscent of real oral sex.

Magazines like Cosmopolitan stated that Sqweel would make anyone gasp with pleasure and that the sense of oral sex was so realistic with Sqweel that it almost fell in love with it.
Since the first Sqweel came on the shelves, there have been several new versions, with extra cheeky features that will give women orgasms as they have never felt before.

The unique thing about Sqweel is that it has the most beautiful soft silicone tongues that rotate on a wheel, which you can control the speed at. Are you slow-paced candy with your tongue, or are you quick to stimulate perfectly? No matter what, the Sqweel products are perfectly made to provide the ultimate oral sex experience without a partner.

Sqweel can also easily be used by men, for even the male sex will benefit from the rotating soft tongues that lick perfectly.

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