PVC-Latex - Premium Quality Products For Women

The fetishism of garments is not new. From ancient times, we have seen women clad in latex, and leather being the sexual desire of many men.  But, fetishism in modern times has been materialized in materials like leather, PVC( Polyvinylchloride), rubber, and latex.


Leather fetishism is a term used for sexual—attraction towards your partner dressed in the leather garment. The smell of the leather and its sound while you spank your partner can provide that erotic stimulus. Many couples use leather lingeries, and even uniforms for a role play to spice up their sex life. What adds to the leather fetishism is some shiny finishing and bright colors that infuse more stimulations. 

Latex fetishism works similarly to leather. It is the attraction of a sexual partner to latex garments, also known as the rubber fetishism. Latex is, in fact, rubber, but they provide a stimulus on similar grounds to a leather. Latex is a thin and elastic material that enhances your curves. It acts as a second skin making your partner peep into the beauty of your body through it. The shiny part, however, rests on how you treat your latex. It is a matte garment that needs some spraying or a rub of cloth for that shine. 

PVC(Poly Vinyl Chloride) fetishism is just like latex fetishism. PVC lingeries are made of different materials like polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, and other industrial plastics. Some PVC lingeries almost replicate leather and provide that superior erotic stimulus. What makes PVC unique is its shine, which does not need any spray or rubbing of other clothes on it. While latex needs special cleaning with soap water, PVC does not need such thorough cleansing. 

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