From your morning shower to a late night soak in the bathtub or pool, this Neon waterproof rabbit is all you need for a wet & wild adventure!

A vast array of exciting products awaits your personal selection! Grouped in easy to navigate pairings, these products really give you all the choices for your ultimate satisfaction and pleasure…step inside and browse the brightly coloured NEON collection.

Designed for maximum pleasure, the vibrator features rabbit ear stimulators that vibrate incredibly fast for a playful, flickering sensation that will make your toes curl. The thicker-than-average shaft is designed for your body, with a penis-shaped tip and dozens of pleasure nubs to provide additional stimulation.

Controlling the stimulation is easy with a turn of the ribbed dial to take the Lil Rabbit up through multiple speeds of steady and powerful vibrations. They’ll work in the water too thanks to a waterproof design, providing a reliable way for fun in the tub or shower and it makes washing up after use an extra easy task.

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