We’ll make you tingle: Since 2005, Mystim been producing high class devices for erotic electro-stimulation – and all kinds of toys to go along with.

With our background in medical technology and a distinctive sense for good design, we have the know-how – and the ambition – to uphold the highest quality standards. That’s why we give you a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty on each and every one of our toys and devices.

Every single product is checked by hand – those made of aluminum are also polished by hand – and before anything that comes out of our production facilities may go on its merry way through the wide wide world, it is tested and tried every which way.

We’re talking explosive, intimate sex: the kind you think about for days afterwards. We have a few fun suggestions for you, from kinky product offerings to intimate acts that will increase the eroticism of your play time.

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