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Pro Extender Classic
R 595.00 R 999.00
The Penilizer
R 595.00 R 799.00
Jes Extender Platinum Penis Enlarger
R 5,995.00 R 12,995.00
Pro Extender 2
R 695.00 R 1,099.00
Pro Extender 3
R 745.00 R 1,299.00
Basic Extender
R 695.00 R 1,299.00

Many men dream of getting a bigger penis, are you one of them? At My Sex Shop we have made it possible, you can now buy products that have a lasting effect, but also some that only give temporary larger penis! Male Edge gives the feel of a thicker and longer penis, this is just a holster that gives your partner much more enjoyment, it's a faster and easier solution than the other two!

The only thing that matters is your needs, whether you want a sustained longer penis or whether it should only be temporary. If you are in doubt and you would like some good advice on the road, or if you have any questions about the different products,

Please feel free to contact our customer service, they are always ready to help you and answer your questions!

Penis extenders are the market leaders, using this product you will permanently get a longer penis, the product is proven to work, and the Male Edge won the award for the best product of the year in 2011. Temporary Penis Pumps that provide you with a quick effect before having sex or masturbating, but it only has a temporary effect. The last solution is also the easiest, Penis Sleeves

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