The new collection of compact stimulants of iSex USB sex toys gives a new meaning to plug-n-play! Connect this vibrator simply on your computer or device with USB connection and the bullet will immediately begin to vibrate.

The range comes in sleek packaging and looks more like accessories for your computer than amazing sex toys!

Give plug and play a whole new meaning with this incredible collection of portable USB powered pleasure devices. All iSex travel accessories are easy to use, perfect for beginners, TSA approved, and eco-friendly. There’s no need for batteries, just plug an iSex device into the USB port on your computer, car, or cell phone plug and you are ready for fun! The super strong vibrations will tease and please, and best of all, no one will know your little secret. They are great for college students, long distance video chats, solo stroking sessions, office rendezvous, road trips, and any other time you need plug and play satisfaction!

Now you just need to choose which iSex products are for you. Browse our large collection of My Sex Shop.

The iSex line of toys by Pipedream offers you more than just pleasure. They offer you a way to enjoy yourself without making a large impact on the environment. No batteries mean no toxic battery acid to fill landfills and possibly pollute lakes and streams. They are also phthalates free, which means they are not just healthy for the environment, they are also safe and healthy for your body. If you are traveling and worried about your toys being confiscated – fear not. They are even TSA-approved.

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