Dildos are phallic-shaped toys that are made for penetration. It can be put in vagina, anus or even mouth for oral. Some of them are smooth, other have ridges or textures, veins and nerves intended to provide some extra sexual feeling. Some of them does not have a pronounced head or balls and are not designed like a real penis but have the same functions of satisfying sexually. All dildos come in different shapes, sizes, material, lengths and girths. Dildos are worn and enjoyed by folks of all sexual orientations and genders.

What is a dildo? 

According to the sex educator Lisa Finn, “ A dildo is a phallic-shaped toy intended for insertion.” They have unique designs that replicate the life-like penis with veins and girth. Such patterns on the exterior surface can help you achieve that sensation to stimulate your erogenous zones. Dildos are life-like replicas of penis created with materials like silicone, PVC, latex, and jelly.

Dildos work like a penis and can penetrate the vagina, anus, and even mouth. But, dildoes are not limited to women masturbation, and they are used for a wide array of sexual activities. For example, lesbians use dildos with strap-ons to have pegging sessions.

How are vibrating dildos used?

Dildos are used for vaginal and anal penetration and stimulation that is felt due to these sexual activities. Most penetration activities include inserting, thrusting, or removing the dildo from the vagina or anus. Many people use dildos as a sex toy to have excellent foreplay by running them on the skin. Dildos are also used as gags or even for oral sex. Some of the dildos are double-ended and come in all sizes. 

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Huge Dildos - the pleasure mates!

Are you looking for a mate on a lonely night? Or just something that you and your partner can play with for that ultimate orgasm! Dildos are the pleasure mates that can provide you an elixir for all your thirst. 

They are phallus-shaped objects that replicate a real penis. You can buy dildos online or go for a shopping spree on the streets, former being the most reliable and easy to do as if you are looking for sex dildos websites are the better options than offline stores.

There are many types of dildos available online, and some of them come with unique shapes and features. You can also choose from vibrating dildo and dildos without vibrators for all your dildo use.

Evolution of Pleasure!

Dildos are not new in human history!  Romans worshipped Dionysus- the god of fertility and carried out parades with giant dildos.  Chinese civilization made several innovations in dildos, and dildos made from stone were found in almost all the ancient human sites excavated. It can be seen through history that dildos are nearly as old as humans.

From wood, stone, and metal, today's dildos have evolved into something that every woman desires. Now, women have the choice of more realistic dildos and soft dildos that are perfect for intimate parts of women. 

With modern technology, penis functions like reciprocation and vibration can be experienced like a real penis. Now there better options for dildo use and dildo needs as there are vaginal dildos and anal dildos designed with unique specifications.

Choose the best:

There are several varieties of dildos to choose from, and once you decide to buy dildo, you can look for options that can be perfect for your pleasure needs.

Realistic or Lifelike Dildos

Keep it real! You can customize your dildo to be more realistic and life-like. A realistic dildo is a perfect replica of a penis, and you can even get blood vessels designed on the surface for that extra pleasure. These dildos are available with or without testicles and are made from glass or rubber. But, with life-like dildos designed and built from materials like glass or tube, an arousing stimulation is assured.

Sometimes such dildos are provided with small spheres like designs on the surface to make you go crazy at your climax. Unique anal dildos can be designed for gays with more convenient and traditional materials like silicone, latex, or jelly.

G-Spot Dildos:

Hitting the right spot with your partner is essential for an unforgettable orgasm. But, why take such performance pressure when you can buy G-spot dildos from an online site that offers dildos for sale. A G spot dildo is a specifically designed dildo with a vibrating option to stimulate G-Spot of your partner. There are different options available for such dildos. Choose the best dildo buy for your partner and have the orgasm of your life.

Dildos that stick:

Dildos that can be attached to a chair, wall, or even your car seat! Yes, there are dildos available with suction cups that can be attached to any surface, and you can use them for vaginal or anal penetration. Use them as your mobile pleasure tool and enjoy those sweet moments anytime and anywhere.

Large Dildos:

If you are stuck with a partner that does not have the penis of your dreams, don't worry! You can now buy vibrating dildos that are large enough for that orgasm you always dreamt of. Giant and inflating dildos are especially an excellent replacement to fisting used by gays. 

Specialized giant dolphin-shaped inflatable dildos that can be pumped up for larger diameters and lengths can be an ultimate weapon for your pleasures. If you want to go wild and have that fetish experience, inflating dildos are the best dildos sex toys to look for! Though it is preferable to use water like lubes for your inflating dildos.

Strap-on the desire:

Strap-on dildo or harness friendly dildos are perfect for lesbian couples, where the dildo can be strapped on the abdomen and used for anal or vaginal penetration. 

Though designed for lesbians, these dildos toys are now used by a man with power problems or women for anal stimulation of the male partner. These sex dildos are available in different sizes and colors. So, if you like a black vibrating dildo with a strap on to make your partner go crazy, then find it today.

And if you are looking to use a harness for using different types of dildos like plain dildo, Butt Plugs or the rabbit dildo, harness type dildos are the best option with a plate attached to your abdomen where you can have your preferred dildo strapped.

Double Dildo

Double dildos are no different than a regular vibrators dildo, but it has double the pleasure and doubles the fun. Initially designed for lesbians, these dildos toys are now used by several women and men for penetration pleasures.

So, whether you are dildo gay, dildo lesbian, dildo man or dildo woman,  they come in all sizes and shapes for your pleasure. You can look for a dildo website that offers different options for the best dildo vibrator. You should look for top-rated dildos that can provide quality and pleasure. Remember getting a woman dildo is the best intimate gift for yourself or your partner!

How To Choose A Dildo For Yourself

If you are using a dildo for stimulation, you are in for a great ride. But first it is important to understand the points that can help you choose the best ones for yourself.

  • Size: Finding the right size of dildo is necessary to enhance the pleasure. Consider when you had a sex with your partner or used any toy for penetration. if you had the best feeling with a larger size, choose the one that gives you the sensation of fullness. My Sex Shop gives a brief guide on choosing the right size of dildo for yourself. 

  • Material: Dildos come in a variety of materials like rubber, PVC, silicone, jelly and so on. Except the silicone material, all others either contain phthalates or are porous which cannot be fully sanitized or cleaned. Using silicone base dildo is advisable as it is easier to clean and does not harm your genitals.

  • Shape And Features: Dildos are sold in cutest shapes with different sizes and features. Some prioritize the toy that is small and can be a travel partner, some are in search of waterproof toys that can be used in shower or pool, some prefer buying USB rechargeable toys. 

Prioritize your expectations from dildos and buy the one that suits you the best. 

Safety Tips While Using A Dildo

Dildos give amazing pleasure while stimulating the erogenous zones but can also cause some discomfort if you do not care before and after using it. 

  • Always apply lubricants on dildos for smooth penetration. It is advisable to use water based lubricant for silicone material toys.

  • Do not force any toy inside your genitals. It might harm your body parts.

  • Clean your body before inserting the dildo into any part.

  • Clean up your dildo before using it and surely after, with soap and warm water.

  • Dry the toy with a towel and store it in a place where it does not catch any dust.