California Exotic Novelties — Innovation, Luxury & Passion

CalExotics has been consistently turning ‘fantasy into reality’ for over a decade. With an, unparalleled, attention to detail, California Exotic Novelties’ Founder and Owner Susan Colvin, has made the California Exotic Novelty brand synonymous with Quality Adult Toys.

The fact that California Exotic Novelties is a female owned and operated company, plays no small part in their meteoric rise to the top of the Adult Toy and Novelty industry. With their unique ‘female sensibility’ and unwavering dedication to designing and creating consistently superior products for women, California Exotic Novelties was a breath of fresh air in the industry. In addition to developing revolutionary New Products, the company placed a ‘never before seen’ commitment to the consumer by developing new, high-quality materials, as well as, ‘State of the Art’ technologies.

Cal Exotics uses high quality material and they have a high product compliance:

•- European Standard.

•- Proposition 65 (California) Compliant.

•- CE Report Compliant.

•- RoHS Compliant.

•- Latex Free.

•- REACH Compliant.

•- WEEE Compliance.

•- Nickel Free.

•- RTT&E Directive (i.e. Remote Control Items).

•- Lead-free.

•- Waterproof Tested – IPX Rating (IP67 – IP68 Compliant).

Cal Exotics is the main company and many of our brands are brands developed under the Cal Exotics umbrella. Brands such as Entice, Apollo,  Scandal, Colt, Dr Kaplan, Jack Rabbit, Silhouette, Kits and many many more are from Cal Exotics.

Cal Exotics wins many rewards every year for innovation, design and products

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