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Most sexual enhancers are a chemical mixture of natural herbs and plants which enhance (normal/abnormal) erectile function and increases sexual arousal, your libido and desire.

This trusted collection of sexual enhancers will surely add a spark to any sexual encounters with your partner or sex toy. Our better sex product collection will leave you feeling better than a pornstar when it comes to sex.

Rui Shen Spray Oil
R 265.00 R 399.00
Rush - Never Fake It
R 145.00 R 179.00
Extra Strong 450Mg 2 Capsules
R 265.00 R 399.00
Edible Undies
R 65.00 R 159.00
China Nympho Cream
R 165.00 R 299.00
Anal Eaze Small Cherry
R 130.00 R 209.00

When it comes to sex - whether alone or with a partner - who does not want to make the most of it?

Here on the page we have collected a selection of wonderful products that can both improve your sex life, but also make the experience much more fun and comfortable.

Looking for products that can improve your erection and help you perform better or are you looking for the best creams and gels for cheeky anal, so we have it all here.

For questions about the products, you are always welcome to contact our friendly and attentive customer service .

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