Anal Sex Toys Collection

Anal sex is one of the unique experiences. The reason for such a feeling is simple; it is a thin wall inside the pelvic area that allows G-Spot stimulations for women in case of the slightest pressure. 

So, you get super stimuli from each session while hitting the “P-Spot.” Anal muscles often get tight while having sex, and so people tend to use anal relaxers. But if you are thinking of something more exciting than the usual anal sex session, here we are with the most fantastic collection of anal sex toys to make it more adventurous and fun!

Anal Plugs

Anal plugs or butt plugs are designed for superior anal play. Most of the anal plugs have a teardrop design for excellent anal stimulations. Another significant aspect of the butt plugs is that there is a broad base to stop them from getting sucked in during usage. You can pick butt plugs of different sizes and shape from our collection made of 100% silicone. We also have butt plugs with different patterns and materials for ultimate pleasure. Some of these anal plugs have vibrating functions. 

Anal Beads

Enjoy deep penetrations and superior anal orgasms with these beads. Anal beads are designed in different sizes that create taper gradually to create an outstanding beaded pattern. They are made from different materials like silicone, glass, and others. 

Anal Kits

Whether you are a newbie in anal sex or an experienced one, anal value kits can be a great way to ease into the confidence of using an anal sex toy. These kits have butt plugs in different sizes to gauge the exact one that provides a comfortable fit and more fabulous orgasms. 

MySexShop offers the best anal sex toys collection online across South Africa at lower prices.

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