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IMTOY was established in 2012 in Las Vegas to focus purely on designing and producing intelligent health gear.  We strive to make an incredible user experience by seamlessly integrating our hardware with our apps and with a sharp focus on delivering quality products that are absolutely safe and fun to use!  IMTOY products have been featured in The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, Elite Daily, and various sources.  Since 2012, we’ve expanded to have representatives and offices in Europe, Africa, Asia, and have re-located our American headquarters to Los Angeles. Create the smartest, most innovative products for your health and wellbeing.

IMTOY was established with a focus on designing intelligent sex toys and sexual health products to create awareness around intimate well-being, to stimulate, to entice and most certainly to turn you on. Their number one objective is to achieve the perfect balance between design, functionality and performance. Engineered for ecstasy, you are able to experience the future of personal pleasure technology with their top-of-the-range line of ‘smart’ devices. Each device connects to your smart phone or tablet and includes state of the art Bluetooth technology allowing you to shake, touch, and even sync your phone for voice, media and kinetic activation.
Made in USA